Our company works in the flower and nursery sector and is specialised in the production of young plants on about 5 hectares of land subdivided among mother plants, greenhouses, and open spaces for the cultivation of ornamental, aromatic, medicinal, perennial and fruit-producing plants.

The entire production cycle for cuttings takes place here in the company, enabling us to have direct control over every phase and guarantee consistent high-level quality. What distinguishes us from the others is the continuous search for new varieties and the willingness to experiment with alternative meth- ods that reduce environmental impact as much as possible.

We are firm believers in sustainability and this is the reason why we use renewable en- ergies and materials for our production systems. Our objective is to satisfy the needs of cultivators, merchants, and gardeners by providing a wide range of high-quality young plants.

Plantations of mother plants.
Cabrio greenhouse with automated management systems.
Production by cutting or meristem.




He deals with company organization, resource allocation and commercial agreements, especially with foreign countries. It actively follows the production activity and laboratory controls.



She deals with the production following all the phases, from cutting to repotting. She is responsible for quality control and management of Italian customers.

Growing together, investing together, smiling together.

Love for family and love for the land. These are the solid foundations of our company.